Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All cleaned up for the executive tour. I'm ready to move in to this place. Just to recap on the obvious here, we are way behind schedule on this place. That said, I think it has reached "move-in" status and I'm about to start campaigning to this end.

I'm sure people are wondering what we are doing exactly. There is no paper or Tyvec on the exterior, just the old ship-lap siding. It makes me think that after all of this, to just stucco the outside would be anti-climactic. My neighbors and all who drive by on Stafford have become cynical. They don't know greatness. Perspective? Frank Ghery lived in a half de-constructed plywood shack for years (he probably still does). Taking a page out of his book, I could clad my house in something unorthodox like deer skin. Take care of the roadkill issue in Charleswood and utilize a renewable resource -- the White Tailed Deer.


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